SA Rappers Pay Tribute To Flabba As Marking 5 Years Since His Untimely Death. March the 9th is one of the worst days SA Hip Hop experienced when it lost one of it’s own.

Flabba was a member of the biggest Hip hop group in SA Skwatta Kamp, as all stars grew they ventured to separate paths but never abandoned Hip hop. His love and talent for the genre is why he remains the most celebrated rapper.

Ufelani rapper was stabbed numerous times by his then girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele. She is currently serving 12 years in prison after being sentenced in 2016.

Rappers and fans paid tribute to showcase how he may be gone but not forgotten.In 2018 Skwatta kamp reunited and dropped a project titled Conversation With Flabba.

“The title of the song is Conversations with Flabba because in the song we all speak to him directly. The track makes you feel something and anyone who was a fan of Flabba and Skwatta Kamp will be really moved,” said band member Slikour. “If Flabba had to come in the studio while we were recording the song, he would remember why he joined the group in the first place.”

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