“Sweet & Short shifted the culture,” Cassper Applauds Himself For Paving The Way For SA Rappers. When Cassper displays the level of assurance he has on his craft and contribution, some derive an inspiration out of it while others question the root of all the confidence. Either way things are perceived he walks the talk.

The rapper has been expressing a lot lately how proud he is on how the same rappers who criticized him for moving to AmaPiano followed on his path. Making reference to his past Platinum selling album, Sweet & Short Mufasa said he shifted culture with it.

“Sweet and Short is an album that shifted the culture and it was shitted on . Mocked and pissed on. I’m used to this though. Glad they can admit that they were firstly wrong, secondly that I set the tone for the sound in SA Hip Hop. First they mock me, then they follow. Next wave!” Cass proudly wrote.

He went on to add that : “This clip, yoh. Lol . I wonder how this year lost gonna be with ALL the rappers doing mapiano. Not that that the list matters but I just wanna know what they are gonna say. Hahaha ai mara.”


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