CNN’s  Alisyn Camerota sat down with a group of black voters to discuss the 2020 election and their thoughts on the candidates. In a candidly colorful conversation, a panel of black South Carolina gave their honest opinions.

As election day is quickly approaching, voters for the 2020 election are gearing up to elect our next president. According to the results of a new poll from Ipsos and VICE News, the majority of African American voters said they would consider voting for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the presidential election,

The poll found that 56 percent of African American voters said that they would possibly vote for Sanders, a statistical tie with the 54 percent who said they might vote for former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been topping the polls for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. The poll was conducted between January 8 and January 10 among 2,013 U.S. adults

The report also found that Sanders had an even wider lead over Biden among Hispanic Americans. When asked whom they would consider voting for in the election, 47 percent of Hispanic respondents said they might back Sanders, while 37 percent said the same for Biden.

As election day gets closer, who will you vote for?

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